Pro-Life Home Health Care

We believe in the pro-life movement and agree with the "pro-life healthcare" philosophy of the Pro-life Healthcare Alliance. We believe our calling is to protect human life by working together. 


Pro-Life Home Health Care focuses on the patient's recovery. Knowledge is crucial to protect one's health. Therefore it is our responsibility to educate the patient and/or the patient's caregiver(s) about the patient's health and matters that can cause him or her harm. Details matter. The more patients and caregivers know, the more tools they will have to protect themselves and others. 


Our Philosophy is the primary reason that you will find yourself comfortable with our services. We are about service that is transparent and free of fraud. We seek to safeguard our patients' well being and lives by serving them responsibly. We believe in a health care system that allows the voice of the patient to be heard. We strongly believe words such as "compassion" and "high quality service" cannot be used by an organization until such words are earned by the service it provides to patients and their families.


Location: 8600 Wurzbach Road, Suite 802, San Antonio, Texas 78240

Hours of Operation:  Monday - Friday: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm